12 Days of Christmas Day 7: Snowy Light Wall

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I wish I had thought of this idea 10 years ago when I was in high school. Today’s Christmas DIY would have been PERFECT for my high school self’s room. Why? Well, first it is freakin’ cool looking. Second, it’s no mess and won’t tear up your walls, my mother would have ACTUALLY allowed this! High impact, no damage. Who could ask for anything more really? I told my sister that she needs to do this behind my 16 year old niece’s bed, I think it would look amazing as a faux headboard or just behind a regular one!

Snowfall Wall

The walls you see in those pictures are from our company holiday party. It looked like glowing snow falling on each end of the room, and it was SO cool! I really want to do this in our dining room for Christmas some day when we finally have Christmas at our own house!

Fabric Light Wall with giant snowflake corner

How do you do it? So easy! You take these sheer curtains from Amazon ($5.99) and put them onto 36″ long wooden dowels (Hobby Lobby). Then you take two command strip hooks and you hang the dowel like you would a curtain rod onto the hooks. Once you have all of your curtains up, you take smaller command strip hooks and place one or two between the bigger hooks that are holding up the dowels. Then take your Christmas lights and string them up and down between the hooks. You can also use the big hooks that the dowels are on so that your lights are closer together and the snowy effect is even greater! For the snowflake cluster at the top, I used tissue pom poms, felt snowflakes (Dollar Tree), white paper lanterns, and made a HUGE snowflake with paper:)Pretty fabric covered light wall

If you have any questions about how this was all put together let me know in the comments below, or email me at allthatglitters810 at gmail.com.

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  1. Nancy

    OMG I love it! I’ve been itching to do something like that to our house every christmas, but we always fly home and spend it with our family, so I feel like the decor gets “wasted” lol :(


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