Jawbone UP24

Jawbone Up24
Happy Friday, Everyone! Fit Friday is back and today we are talking all about fitness trackers, specifically the UP24 by Jawbone. Our company is having a fitness challenge and is paying $100 towards a fit tracker for each of us. I think that this is such an awesome way to get your employees thinking about health and fitness in a new light. It has already helped a lot of the people at my company to realize how much we do or don’t walk in an average day. For my device, I chose the UP24. It counts your steps and work out, but also tells you how much sleep you are getting and how good or bad the food you are eating is. So far, I am a huge fan!
On average they say you should strive for 10,000 steps per day. If you are like me, you have a job where you walk around a lot and this is no big deal for you. On average, I walk about 9,000-11,000 steps just at my job. Then I get home and take Sophie for a walk, go for a run, or just walk around in my house. I am a pretty active person to say the least. There are some people at my company though, who have jobs that involve being on the phone for the entire day and they don’t get in more than 1,500 steps while at work. Trackers are great for these people because they can see how little they actually do move throughout the day and make adjustments to their lifestyle in order to work in those extra steps. Even as someone who walks a lot throughout the day, I benefit because I set my goals even higher than 10,000 and work towards some pretty high steps. I’m really striving towards being even more active person and the tracker has helped me along the way!
Jawbone App Steps
The feature I love the most besides the steps is the sleep app. It’s super cool how it detects when you fall asleep and tracks how long you are in a deep sleep. Then, you can set a smart alarm that will vibrate to wake you up within 30 minutes of your alarm time. It detects when you are in a lighter sleep and wakes you up gently during that time so that you aren’t all groggy an sleepy! I don’t know how it all works, but so far it has done very well!
Jawbone App Sleep
This post is not sponsored by Jawbone, or anyone else for that matter, I just really love my UP24 and wanted to share all the info with you guys for Fit Friday! If you do decide to get a tracker, shoot me an email (allthatglitters810 at gmail.com) so we can be friends on the UP app or we can compete on matchup.io! I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and I’m going to leave y’all with some of my favorite ways to get extra steps in throughout your day! Enjoy and be healthy!

Ways to get your steps in:

  • Talk a long walk on your lunch break
  • Walk to other people’s offices or cubes instead of calling or messaging them
  • Place things that you need or want in inconvenient places
  • Walk to the grocery store
  • Park in the farthest spot from the door
  • Walk down every aisle in the grocery store
  • Pace while you talk on the phone
  • Only take small amounts of water from the cooler/fridge so that you have to get up to refill often
  • Play with your/the neighbor’s/your sister’s kids
  • Walk to/from any place that is under 1 mile from your home
  • Take the stairs
  • Take your dog for a walk
  • Go for a run

You can buy the Jawbone UP24 here in black for $92.87 or in red for $69.78 with free Prime shipping. If you want pink like I have it’s hard to find, but they have it at Kohls for $124 (usually $129) here.

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