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I have been working diligently on my Etsy shop over the past few weeks and am at that point where I need to get some photos that are on children/babies! That being said, if you have children or know people who do stop on by my shop’s Instagram or Facebook and enter them to be an All That Glitters brand rep! See all the info below:

All That Glitters Baby Brand Rep Search

All That Glitters Baby is looking for a few lovely brand reps! We need two boys and two girls! Each brand rep gets to make a wish list of our products and will receive a big box of All That Glitters Baby merchandise each month. This will be in exchange for the use of your child’s photos on our social media accounts and Etsy shop as well as a little bit of Instagram love! We are looking for quality photos that show of your little one’s personality! Brand rep search will last now until 3/7/15!

Follow the steps below to enter:
– Like our shop on Instagram or Facebook
– Share this image on your account using the hashtag #AllThatGlittersBabyRepSearch and tag us @allthatglittersbaby
– Tag @Allthatglittersbaby and #AllThatGlittersBabyRepSearch in at least 3 photos of your child showing off your adorable little one and your photography style!
We would love to accept all of your beautiful little ones, but unfortunately we must stick to four! Good luck and I can’t wait to learn all about your fabulous little ones!
_DSC1170 _DSC1212 Gold Polka Dot Onesie
I hope to see a lot of you enter your babies! Be sure to let me know if you found the search through my blog! See you all tomorrow!
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