Fit Friday: The 6 Best Apps To Get And Stay Healthy


Top six healthy apps

Welcome to Fit Friday! I was going to pick my top 5 apps, but I just couldn’t pick between my 6 favorites. All of the apps I’m going to talk about today, are ones that I use personally and I think they are great for helping you get healthier!

  1. Jawbone UP– This is the app that goes along with the Jawbone devices, but you can sync a lot of different devices to it, including android devices. The Up app has graphs to show you your step progress, allows you to keep track or your sleep and other activities, and lets you have teammates to motivate you. A bunch of guys at my work have this app with me and it’s always fun competition to see who is winning for the day! It also challenges you to beat your current average and those sorts of things, which are always really motivational for me. I honestly think having this app has made me walk 3 times farther than I normally would have in a day.
  2. My Fitness Pal– This is an app that you can track all of your food and work outs through. It also syncs with my Up app, which is super nice! I track my foods and it will tell me how many calories I have left and if I am eating too much sugar, carbs, etc. I love the barcode scanning part that allows you to scan the barcode of any item and it will give you the nutritional information. No more searching through a database to find the exact food you need!  This really helps me see exactly how much I really am eating. I would recommend not dieting for the first few days, and just see how much you really do consume. It’s very eye opening and I guarantee most of you are eating much less healthy than you think you are!
  3. Couch25K– A great app for someone who would like to run, but has never really done it. I used this when I first started running back in 2013. It’s great for easing your way into running and not burning yourself out. Highly recommend, especially to those who want to get in to running.
  4. iRunner– This is a great app for those without any sort of tracking device. I tells you how long you ran/walked and all of your stats to go along with it. Mph, distance, calories, elevation ascent and descent, lap times, and it even maps it out for you. This one is wonderful for walkers and runners.
  5. Deck of Cards– I love this app for when you don’t have time to go to the gym. It’s a great one to do first thing in the morning just before your shower, or before you shower at night. It goes by quickly and requires no equipment, yet it is intense. Love this one.
  6. Spotify– Music has saved my running career. If it weren’t for music, I would have given up on running long ago.  Music has honestly make me work out harder and better many a time. Put on a good jam and I am running faster, pedaling harder, or lifting bigger weights. It’s true:)

Now, I am in no way an expert, these are just apps I have found that have worked for me….I also want to try the  Zombies Run app, but am a little skeptical about it. Anyone out there tried it? Maybe I’ll take the plunge and spend the $3.99 soon and report back to ya!

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