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Well, here I am. My life has completely changed over the last month. No, I am not pregnant. I am unemployed. Yep, you read that right, unemployed. I came home from our 2 week long European extravaganza, walked in to the door at work (15 minutes early too!), and was immediately laid off. Let me tell you, that was a shock. Just a couple of weeks before my vacation my boss and I had been talking about the next year and where my job was going. We were talking about what new tasks I was going to take over and how there was a possibility of me going down to 3 quarters time in order to work on my shop a bit more, yet still have benefits. Yeah…laid off.

I’ll tell you honestly, I was in complete shock for a good hour. I grabbed my things, left the building, drove the block home, and then called Wes. I told him what happened in a completely calm manner, and then it hit me. I lost my job. I had no job. That job I brag about to my friends and family for being so wonderful and having such great employers…yeah, it wasn’t mine any more. It hit me like a ton of bricks and I was mad. Mad because I didn’t get a legitimate reason. Mad because I felt led on and a little taken advantage of. Mad because had I known, we would have stayed with Wes’ aunt in the south of France for an extra week! Lol.

Well, what to do now? First things first, I spent a week figuring my life out. I decided what was best for me and my little family and then I got myself a pedicure. I spent a little time by myself, a little time cuddling my pup, and a lot of time talking with my husband. That’s just what you need to do in your first week off after being laid off. You do you.

So, what you may ask, are you going to do now? Well, that’s a tough one because it’s all kind of up in the air. Right now, I am working on my shop, my blog, my health, and searching for a new job. You know what? All of these things combined, they feel like a full time job. Like MORE than a full time job! My shop is doing pretty well with all of the Halloween costumes I’ve been selling, blogging is always an unending amount of work, staying healthy is a full time job in and of itself….and looking for a job…well, if you’ve done that before you know how it goes. I want to be picky, I want to find something that I will love with people that are amazing. Something like what I had at my old job. <sigh> Until I find that, my hobbies of blogging and sewing will just have to do:)

Now that you all have a full update on my life lately, what’s going on in yours?

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