Halloween Zombie Cupcakes

Halloween Zombie Cupcakes

Halloween is one of my absolute favorite holidays! I love the costumes and the decorations, but most of all I love the food! (Yes, there I go again about food!) I saw these gummy teeth at Target last week and I knew exactly what I wanted to do with them: Zombies!! Walking Dead anyone?! :) They are super easy to make and the neighbors I gave them to just LOVED them! Let me give you some fair waning though:¬†food coloring+any shirt you like=bad news. Don’t do it!Halloween Monster Cupcakes Bloodspatter Cupcakes Zombie Blood Cupcakes Zombie Cupcakes Bloody Halloween Cupcakes Zombie Monster CupcakesDirections:

  1. Make your Halloween funfetti cupcakes. I made mine with unsweetened applesauce instead of oil. Can’t even taste the difference!
  2. Let your cupcakes cool once they are baked.
  3. Frost with any white frosting.
  4. Mix a little bit of the frosting with some red food color. Add a little bit of water as well until you have a good “splatter” consistency!
  5. Practice splattering your red frosting. I did this in my sink to avoid a mess. (That didn’t work, lol!)
  6. You will want as little red frosting on your spoon as possible. If there is too much your blood will clump and not look real!
  7. Find a safe place (I did this outside) to splatter your cupcakes!
  8. Add gummy teeth…they also had gummy brains as well which would be fun too!
  9. Eat! Yum!

I hope you enjoy making these as much as I did! Like I said earlier, don’t wear something you love…because you will get red on it! Haha! Happy Halloween week!All That Glitters Blog Signature

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