Jamberries For Christmas


Pedicures are one of my favorite ways to relax. I usually try to get one once a month or so, at least before any big events. It’s a very rare day that I ever get a manicure to go with that pedicure though. I sometimes paint my nails myself, but I don’t waste my $$$ on a manicure because I know myself and I will IMMEDIATELY mess it up or pick at it and then be mad at myself. Well, I have found a new obsession! Janet over at Jamberry nails contacted me and offered to send me some to try out! OMG! I love them! They have lasted me an entire week now and for me that is unheard of!



They are super easy to apply once you have done the first couple and gotten a hang of it. Just pick the size you need for each nail and cut off half of it. You stick it on your nail, and then I used a nail clipper and nail file to make the decal fit onto my nail perfectly. I picked the Christmas socks and Friday Flannel ones because I needed a little Christmas spirit in my life, but I am really diggin’ these polka dot and floral ones too. Oh, and just an FYI, Jamberries are all Buy 3 get one free, so you can get all of your favorites!


Janet has so graciously decided to give away some Jamberries to one lucky All That Glitter reader, so enter through the Rafflecopter below and cross those pretty little fingers that you win some for yourself to try!


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My Favorite Beauty Finds

My favorite beauty finds
I know I get all giddy inside when I see bloggers do a “my favorite things” type of post, so I thought, “Hey, why not?” I love seeing what different products every one uses and am always surprised to find out that a LOT of bloggers use relatively affordable make up and beauty products! Mine are pretty much all drug store finds, minus one or two. I try to keep my products pretty low cost and once I find something I love, I use it until they inevitably discontinue it. Why is it that everything I like gets discontinued? Lol…<sigh> Oh well…here you have it, my favorite products for spring 2015!
  • Vaseline Lip Therapy– My lips have been SUPER dry lately. Although it is a little sticky feeling, it makes my lips feel SO much better and it lasts for hours! If you don’t love sticky feeling lips you could also try Carmex chapstick– it is also fantastic for dry lips!
  • Burts Bees Lip Shimmer: I have the rhubarb  shade and I LOVE it! I love that it gives you that burt’s bees tingle and a little color at the same time. There is nothing worse than putting lipstick or gloss on over chapstick and having it not stay on!
  • Eucerin Intensive Repair– Great for dry skin! I use this on my hands mostly, but I also use it on the rest of my body if I get dry spots.
  • BBW True Blue Spa Shea Cashmere hand cream– Smells like heaven. It leaves your hands feeling all silky and smelling amazing!
  • NYC City Proof Twistable Crayon– I have the Riverside Rose shade. I love all of the crayons, but this color is my new spring favorite!
  • Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser– Yes, I realize I am in my 20s and don’t need age rewind lol, but this stuff is amazing for dark circles under the eyes! That’s really the only place I used it, but it is a miracle worker! (I have the medium shade.)
  • L’Oreal true match– I love how light weight it is, it doesn’t even feel like you have put make up on. I don’t do cakey, thick foundations that don’t let your skin breathe! (My shade: w3 nude beige)
  • Mary Kay Gel Eyeliner- I can’t link to the exact one because they don’t have an online shop, but if you have a friend who sells it, get some! This is the Maybelline version of it.
  • YSL Mascara– I just got some of this in my Influenster box and I am in LOVE! It makes my lashes look even longer than they already do and it doesn’t clump and get all funky. Yes, funky is a very technical term….
  • Ponds Face cream– My mom has been using this stuff for years and she swears by it. I love that it makes my face soft without over oiling it.

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My Feet Are Happy

Hi Lovelies!

Summertime is here in Texas, and it’s quickly on it’s way everywhere else. You know what that means? Sandal season! I love sandals….actually I think it’s more that I hate shoes, too constricting! Lol! Even though I love sandals so much I have been unfortunately cursed with extremely rough and dry feet <rolls eyes>, it’s a family trait that I inherited and sometimes I just want to hide my feet from the world. It’s really sad when your husband has nicer, softer feet than you do…it really is. I would go get a pedicure every two weeks to keep those tootsies in check, but you know, some people just don’t have hundreds of dollars to spend on their feet. Especially when there are prettier things to spend money on. Like clothes, and SANDALS, and pretty things for your new house:) Or you know, that house in general….lol!

When I was contacted to try the Emjoi Micro Pedi Nano I was psyched. Is that still a word people use? Ha, first thing that popped into my head:) My mom, sisters, and I have been searching for the perfect pedicure products for years and have found some pretty great ones, but I wasn’t about to turn down a chance to find another! I got it in the mail, and immediately went to work on my feet. Now, you’re probably looking for some before and after photos, of which I don’t have. Yeah, I got a little bit over zealous and had done BOTH of my feet before I realized that would probably have been a good thing. That’s okay though, now you don’t have to look at gross pictures of my before feet on the internet! (I hate feet)

Emjoi Pedi Beauty.jpg

This thing is pretty awesome. My feet feel so much more smooth and there aren’t big dry callused parts anymore! All you do is throw in some batteries, flip the switch, and rub the Emjoi over all the rough patches on your feet. Voila! Rough callused feet no more! I always throw on some cracked heel lotion afterwards and my feet are good as new! I love the small size because it’s easy to store in my little nail drawer, and it is so affordable at $24.95 including shipping! That sure beats some of the others I have seen going for $35-$100 a pop!

Wedding These are the perfect example of happy feet!*

What are some of your go to beauty secrets for the summer?

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*Photo by Arising Images, Rochester, MI.

This post is sponsored by Emjoi. I was given a free product to try in exchange for my honest opinion about the Emjoi Micro-Pedi Nano. All opinions are my own and I would not promote a product I didn’t love!

My Favorite Pink Lips For Spring

PInk lips for sprinng


Hi Lovelies!

 One of my favorite trends so far this spring has definitely been the pink lip. Its really pops without being over the top like some red lips can be. I know I’ll be wearing it all season long. I have picked out a few of my favorites to show you in all price ranges and shades and put some links up there. I think the light pink lip would be really great for a more casual look, whereas the hot pink lip is great for an outfit like the maxi dress I wore the other day.

What’s your favorite shade of lip for spring?

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Friday Dealz: A Little Bit Of Everything

Hi Lovelies!

Today’s deals are a little mix of everything! Each one is totally necessary in my life, so I thought I would share them with you!

7 piece make up brush set

7 piece make up brush Set– $8

I am always looking for a great set of make up brushes AND a nice way to hold them. Right now, all of my brushes are mix matched and are sitting in a drawer in my bathroom. Let me tell you, it is a disaster! This little set with  the leather pouch would be PERFECT for me!

Printable Planner

Printable Planner- $15

I am already obsessed with my Kate Spade planner, but if I didn’t already have it I would be buying this! How awesome is it that you can just print new pages whenever you need them? Mess is up? Print it again! Love this concept!

Striped bow headband

Striped Bow Headwrap– $10

I have a mild obsession with headbands. Big, small, bows, flowers, green, pink, plaid, floral….you name it, I have it. And this one should be on my list, right? Right!

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This post is sponsored by Groopdealz. All opinions are 100% my own…I would never endorse something I didn’t love myself:)