Patience Is A Virtue…That I Don’t Have

Navy shirt dress with floppy hat and boots
When spring first comes you can often hear me talking about how I wish I didn’t have to work inside and what I wouldn’t give to sit outside on my computer when I need to be doing indoor things. Come fall, I am SO glad I do work inside if only because of my lack of patience in waiting for fall to come. It has been much cooler here in Austin in the mornings, but other than that it has been 80+ degrees pretty consistently for the past few weeks. We have had a day or two here and there of cooler weather, but for the most part it has been warm. The reason I am so glad I work inside during the fall is because then I get to wear all of my pretty fall clothes and layers and it doesn’t bother me:) I have to dress for the real weather on Mondays because Monday is errand day, but other than that I am in full fall force! Looking at me while I’m at work, you would think it was 60 degrees outside daily. I’m sure my boss and the men at work all think I am crazy, but I just love fall fashion too much to miss out on any of it! When I get home from work I always have to “Texify” my fall outfits if we are going anywhere or eating out that night…but for the daytime I get to dream that it really is 60 outside. Don’t worry, I still love my hot Texas weather, I’ll be over fall by November and back to bragging that it’s 80 when it’s 40 everywhere else:)
Navy Shirt dress with boots Navy Shirt Dress- Fall Outfit Inspiration Floral Navy Dress with Floppy Hat Fall Outfit Inspiration- Navy Shirt Dres with Floppy HatAll That Glitters- Fall outfit inspiration, the shirt dress Navy shirt dress with boots and camel bag Fall daisies Cute shirt dress with hat and boots
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In my defense it is chilly in the office sometimes. I work with a bunch of men so the air is turned pretty low most of the time. This outfit is a example of that “Texifican” technique I was talking about earlier. The cardigan and tights have come off and I am ready to venture out into the real world where I would die of heat stroke otherwise. Do you live in a hot climate? If so, do you like to pretend its cold out too?:)
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Burgundy & Polka Dots

Tan polka dot blouse and burgundy skirt

I cannot believe that it is Wednesday again! My Mom was right, the older you get the faster the time goes by. Well, it’s official…fall is here and the bloggers are all going crazy about pumpkin everything, fall colors, and blanket scarves. I will be participating in two of the above: Fall colors and blanket scarves, once I get my hands on one:) I might try a few pumpkin recipes this fall but I’ll be honest, I don’t really like much other than pumpkin bread and pancakes! Today’s post involves those fall colors I was talking about….I LOOOOVE fall colors and burgundy is my favorite of all the fall colors! I found this skirt on Old Navy’s website when I was searching for this dress from Shanna’s post. I have been wanting a burgundy skirt since last year in this post, but this one was the perfect option. Perfect price and perfect fit…highly recommend!
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 Sorry the photos are a little bit washed out today, I don’t know what was going on with the camera. I wore this outfit to work last week and this skirt is comfy to the max. Love. Be looking forward to some more fall colors soon, I just got a couple of great new pieces with some gift cards I had and I am dying to style them for fall:) Have a great hump day!

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