Those Limited Too Days Keep Coming Back To Haunt Me

Plaid skort with knee high boots

I’ll try not to talk about my Limited Too days again for a whole post like I did last week, but this skirt reminds me of it. It reminds me of the first day of 5th grade pulling up to school in my plaid skort…man I was the coolest kid ever. Actually, I really wasn’t. I was the new kid in school and I was a big nerd to be totally honest. I might have looked amazing that first day of school, but don’t let my plaid skirt fool you. I owned lime green shorts that made it down to my knees and a penguin shirt I let my Mom make me wear. I also had these awesome London themed Doc Martins I wore with shorts and a LTD2 shirt. I won’t even make you imagine it, I’ll go right ahead and show you how it was….Floppy hat with a skort and blouse Plaid skort with a floppy hat Fall Fashion Inspiration- Plaid and a floppy hat Blue skort with knee high suede boots Gold accessories for fall Navy Charming Charlie Handbag with cognac boots Navy plaid skort with Navy satchel

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Forever 21 Skort  // Charming Charlie Shirt & Handbag  //  DSW Boots  //  White Plum Hat  //  Aldo Sunglasses  //  Charming Charlie Bracelets
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Yeah, I know. Let’s not talk about it any longer….let’s talk about today’s outfit! I wore this one a few weekends ago to get a little shopping in. It was comfy, cute, and functional since it was a sunny day and this hat kept it out of my eyes:) I can’t bring myself to wear a skirt/shorts this short to work by themselves (even though I can wear whatever I want), but I plan to put on some brown leggings or some thick tights with boots once it gets a little chillier out and rock this look to work as well. I might even throw on my fur vest and a statement necklace with it. You know, get those men at work looking at me like I have 3 heads. They don’t understand me and they never will, but I’m really okay with that:)
Are there any styles out right now that remind you of your child hood?
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Chicago, Illinois

From the top of a Chicago rooftop

I lived in New York City for a semester during college, and though I always say that I wouldn’t want to live in a big city for the rest of my life, I think I could do Chicago. Ok, so that’s a lie….I hate snow and I hate cold. The city though, I could do the city. At least that’s what I think when I stay in places like the loft we were at last Friday. The first few of these photos are from there, and I think it was the coolest place ever. How awesome would it be to have a rooftop patio to hang out with all of your friends? <sigh> Maybe some day we will be rich and we can afford something like this…in downtown Austin:) Sorry not sorry for the overload of pictures today! Enjoy!Rooftop Patio in Chicago The rooftop patio at the loft.Chicago townhouses Pretty houses in Chicago.Chicago Loft Windows at the loft.Chicago lights

Lights on the rooftop patio.Wedding wear At the wedding ceremony with my friend Adam’s fiance, Heather.Preppy wedding wear I saw these guys in their preppy, classy outfits and knew Bryan and I needed to take a photo with them. I need to get Wes a seersucker suit:)How to dress for a wedding for men Classy bros.Groom Justin, the groom, looking like he has secret service agents.Chicago wedding photo champagne toast Champagne toast after the ceremony.Albion alumni The Albion kiddos at the wedding. We’re a classy bunch.What to wear to a wedding Wes and I.Summer wedding attire My boys, Matt and Bryan. They are like my brothers and I wish we all lived closer!Wedding flowers Wedding photo booth Photo booths are my favorite part of weddings.Chicago wedding photo booth Wedding centerpieces- flowers in beer and wine bottles The centerpieces at the table we really awesome! Beer and wine bottles with fresh flowers in them.Wedding cake made of cheese The bride and groom cutting their cheese wedding cake.Wedding tent in backyardThe beautiful tent all lit up at night.

I have been looking for a dress like this one since I bought it last year. I love the cut and it’s just adorable in general. Every time I go in to Forever 21 I hope and dream that I will find the dress in a different color or a new pattern. Well, the week before Chicago, I was in with my cousin and we found it! I honestly probably wouldn’t have cared what pattern or color it was, but I ended up loving the green and blue anyways:) You can’t see them in the photos because my feet got tired after an hour or so, but I wore my nude Target wedges and then matched that cute nude clutch to them. Pearls were a great finishing touch and made me feel like the classiest broad at the party. Well, I thought I was until they started playing boy band songs from my middle school days, and Matt and I jammed along as though we were still in those middle school days. Haha! Oooh I want to go back!

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Forever 21 dress/ DSW Sandals/ Charming Charlie Belt, Pearls, and Clutch

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Forever 21

Tropical Love

Tropical summer outfit

Oh my goodness am I tired! Traveling sure does take a lot out of you. We were at a wedding in Chicago this past weekend, and our flight was delayed on the way back. We didn’t get home until really late on Sunday night. Needless to say, waking up on Monday morning was rough. The weekend was an absolute blast though! The wedding was beautiful and we got to see all of our friends from college. I love Austin, and I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else, but I do wish all of our friends were closer together. Those guys are like my brothers, and we have way too much fun together:)

Tropical Palms buttone down top

Tropical Button Down with white shorts

Great tropical outfit idea

Coral bow handbag with tropical outfit

Button down with tropical print

Button down and shorts

Blue tropical top with coral accents

Button down tucked in to shortsGet The Look:
Old Navy Top/ Old Navy Shorts/ DSW Sandals/Charming Charlie Clutch/ Charming Charlie Bracelets & Sunglasses

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I wore this outfit the week before Chicago, but I also wore it on the plane and for our first day there. I  initially tried this one on in pink and white stripes, but when I went back to look at the price I saw the tropical version and fell in love.I knew I needed this one instead! This shirt is so comfortable and it just makes me want to go to the beach:)

Have a great Tuesday, we’re almost to hump day!

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You can…


Mint and peach outfit inspirationYou can’t please everyone.
You can’t make people like you.
You can’t control other people’s actions.
But, you can be the bigger person and make it that much harder for them not to like you.

Mint and Peach Peplum top with mint handbag Mint, peach, and white outfit Peach and mint outfit for summer Mint studded Handbag with peach top Mint and coral peplum top with statement necklace Mint bow on a peach peplum- outfit inspiration Mint and Peach Peplum with white pantsGet The Look:
Charming Charlie Peplum/ Old Navy Capris/ DSW Sandals/ Aerie Headband/ Charming Charlie Bracelets/ Lulu’s Necklace/ Charming Charlie Handbag

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These are lessons I have learned in the past few months. Nothing personally has happened to me, but just browsing the internet, other blogs and articles I have found some of the most ugly , mean hearted people in the depths of the internet. All I know, is that seeing other people being nothing but negative and having way too much fun putting others down just makes me want to be a better person. I don’t understand those people who find pleasure in other people’s pain. Oh well, it just makes me realize that I have to have thick skin in this blogging business. Happy Friday! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

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Coral & Navy

Navy and Coral- Color Crush

Hi Lovelies!

I think I am pretty much in post-vacation depression. Lol. I guess that’s what happens when you spend 12 days being on lakes and visiting with family and friends then get thrown back in to work. Either that, or it’s because I miss my puppy like CRAZY! She is with her grandparents until Saturday because they drove her up to Michigan last week. I don’t know how people live without dogs in their lives…I am just about to go nuts! I need my Sophie cuddles! Regardless of the reason, I just want to go lay in the sun, read, and maybe take a boat ride. Stupid grown up life that requires making money! Oh well, I am pretty much back into the swing of things at work, and I really do like my job so I guess I am lucky there:) I am already planning my next vacation though…I’m thinking London and France next summer? Sounds great to me!

Navy stripes and coral skirt Stripes and floral with navy and coral Navy striped top with coral skirt Navy striped shirt with coral skirt Coral Skirt and striped shirt Floral Bow Clutch Color Crush- Coral and NavyGet The Look:
Francesca’s Skirt/ Charming Charlie Top/ Payless Clutch/ DSW Sandals/ Charming Charlie Necklace/ Aldo Sunglasses

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Our visit to Michigan really was a blast. The first day we went to lunch in our old stomping ground with Wes’ mother and stepdad. Day two was spent at my sister’s new place, at the pool, and then shopping. The next couple of days were spent with friends in Detroit and Port Huron. I got to meet one of my best friends little babies and he is just the sweetest little thing you ever did see. Wednesday night we met some friends for dinner in East Lansing on the way up north, and then Thursday through Monday morning were spent at my grandparents cottage up north. I absolutely love it up there and it is such a blast to hang out on the boat and the beach with my entire family. I wish I could just pick up that tiny little town and move it down here to Texas where it doesn’t get so darn cold! Overall, it was a great time and I am sad that it’s over, but I am SO glad to be home in my pretty house with my comfy bed. All I need is to get my puppy back and everything will be perfect.

Today’s outfit was something I wore for work the week before I left. I bought this top with my $10 birthday coupon at Charming Charlie, so it ended up being $5. (Score for me!) I tried it on with about a million things before I decided on the coral skirt, and I really liked the way it turned out. The bow handbag was bought the same day as the shirt at Payless, and I am loving stripes with floral right now, so it was an obvious match:)

What’s your favorite pattern mix?

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