Fridays Deals And A Happy Friday!

Hi Lovelies!

Happy Friday! I don’t know why it felt like such a long week…probably because I was unable to run for most of it:(  It’s funny how not being able to have a normal routine really messes with your entire week. Well, don’t worry I won’t mess with the schedule here, it’s Friday and that means I am sharing some of my favorite pieces from Groopdealz!

Personalized Initial Necklace

Personalized Initial Necklaces– $13.99
I love this. I actually have seen a few of these around and considered buying one, but I definitely have yet to see one with such a great price! I think a little M&W would be adorable:)

Black Racerback Maxi Dress

Racerback Maxi Dress– $17.99
I have a love for maxi dresses. Someone once said (or I read it on Pinterest lol) that they are pretty much the yoga pant of dresses, which is SO true! Except when you wear a maxi dress no one thinks you’re a lazy bum:)

Chevron Tote

Chevron Tote– $18.99
I have an obsession with yellow, anyone that was at my wedding can tell you that. This bag is super big and spacious, which is perfect for me since I like to put everything I own into my purse! I am wondering if I could even use it as a cute camera bag……Hmmm….

I hope everyone has a great weekend! Here’s to hoping that I can run all my distance this weekend and that Sophie doesn’t pull me down any more hills before April 13th!

All That Glitters Blog Signature**This post is sponsored by Groopdealz. All opinions, as always, are my own…I wouldn’t endorse something I didn’t already love, promise!**

Friday Dealz Accessories You Will Love

Hi Lovelies!

Happy Friday! Another weekend another set of amazing deals from Groopdealz! Today I picked out three really fun accessories for you to take a look at!

Aztec Band Watches

Aztec Band Watches– $7.99
I love that each of the watches has different colors so you could wear each with a plethora of different outfits. And, let’s be realistic, you can never have too many watches.

Dainty Tube Necklaces

Dainty Tube Necklace– $6.99
I love really simple necklaces that would go with literally everything, and this one is just so cute!

Monogram Sunglasses

Monogram Sunglasses– $11.99
Can I say it outloud? I’m not really a HUGE fan of monograms. Don’t hate me! I like the occasional monogram necklace, but having everything monogrammed is just not my cup of tea. I think these are cute though. It’s subtle and doesn’t overpower the sunglasses. Well done, Groopdealz:)

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Groopdealz Steals My Heart, Again

Hi Lovelies!

I love Fridays. Not only because of the weekend, but because it means I get to share some really great deals with you:)

Grey Chevron Bowler
Chevron Bowler Bag– $24.99
This bag would be PERFECT for traveling with. It’s big enough to fit everything you need for your carry on, unless you are planning on only taking this. Haha….Let’ be honest, I always need options and only ONCE have I ever packed ONLY enough to wear one outfit a day. I’m pretty sure that one time puts me ahead of 99% of other women though, gold star for me!:)

Handstamped Rings
Personalized Hand Stamped Rings– $14.99
I love these rings. I really want that Always one. If you are a Harry Potter nerd like myself, you will understand. If not, you are missing out!

Lac back cardiganLace Back Cardigan– $20.99
This sweater is beautiful, as is the color. It also comes in white, which would be more sensible because it goes with everything. But, really, when have I ever been sensible about clothing purchases?’

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend, and if you celebrate Valentine’s day, then Happy Valentine’s Day!

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This post is sponsored by Groopdealz. All opinions are 100% my own…I would never endorse something I didn’t love myself:)

Friday Dealz: A Full Outfit

Hi Lovelies!

I love today’s deals. Not only because you can make a full outfit out of them with just a pair of jeans, but because the necklace in the middle is one of my favorite deals yet! I think that is the coolest idea ever and I really want to buy a few of them with the different cities I have lived in.

Tunic Top

Emma T-Shirt Tunic– $15.99

City Map Necklaces

City Map Necklace– $13.99

Elastic Hair Ties

Elastic Hair Ties– $3.99

Have you found any great deals this week?

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This post is sponsored by Groopdealz. All opinions are 100% my own…I would never endorse something I didn’t love myself:)

This Weeks Dealz Early!

Hi Lovelies!

I will be playing hooky from blog world tomorrow, so I am going to give you my dealz of the week early. Better get to these dealz quickly before they are all gone!

Studded Tunic

I think this tunic is ABSOLUTELY stunning. Yellow is one of my favorite colors, and chiffon just makes anything look ten times prettier! It would look great with a pair of skinny jeans or leggings and some ballet flats.
Golden Hour Studded Tunic– $17

Striped Maxi Skirt

Please don’t kill me, but I have yet to buy a maxi skirt. I have plenty of the dresses, but not one skirt. I think it’s about time for me to invest, and this striped one is SO cute. It would even look great with that yellow and white tunic tucked into it!
Striped Maxi Skirt– $13

Faux Leather Jacket
Every girl need a little faux leather in her life.
Diagonal Zip Faux Leather Jacket– $25

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This post is sponsored by Groopdealz. All opinions are 100% my own…I would never endorse something I didn’t love myself:)