My Favorite Pink Lips For Spring

PInk lips for sprinng


Hi Lovelies!

 One of my favorite trends so far this spring has definitely been the pink lip. Its really pops without being over the top like some red lips can be. I know I’ll be wearing it all season long. I have picked out a few of my favorites to show you in all price ranges and shades and put some links up there. I think the light pink lip would be really great for a more casual look, whereas the hot pink lip is great for an outfit like the maxi dress I wore the other day.

What’s your favorite shade of lip for spring?

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On Wednesdays We Wear Pink

Hi Lovelies!

Happy hump-day! Today’s outfit is fitting being that it’s Wednesday and my outfit is pink:) The funny part about this pink top, is that it is one of my “going out” tank tops. The back has a cut out and looks really cute with a bandeau, it’s also pretty sheer by itself. So, I decided to take my “going out” top and make it a little classier and almost professional for you! Well, let’s be honest…add a blazer to anything and it will look 10 times classier. So here you have it, my nighttime look turned daytime:

Pink and Black with aztec

Pink and Black with aztec

Pink and Black with aztec

Pink and Black with aztec

Pink and Black with aztec

Pink and Black with aztec

Pink and Black with aztecGet The Look:
Top: Charming Charlie
Denim: H&M
Shoes: So old I don’t remember
Blazer: Target
Clutch: Charming Charlie
Sunglasses: Aldo
Necklace: Charming Charlie

What is your favorite way to change an outfit from night to day?

Until tomorrow…

xox Megan

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A Perfect Mix of Summer and Fall

Hi Lovelies!

Happy Friday! This week went by SO fast I can’t believe it is already the weekend again! That’s one of the best parts of a 3 day weekend…the 4 day week afterwards!

Today’s outfit is a little bit of summer with just the right hint of fall for early September. The shorts and cowboy boots give it that cool summer look that we Texans still need here in the 100 degree heat, but the browns in the outfit give it just a touch of a fall!

I also can’t get enough of this camel necklace. It’s unlike anything I have seen before….everyone has an owl, but who else has a camel? Yeah…I thought so! I also had a man point out to me that it should be my hump day necklace because of that commercial with the camel. I will for sure be wearing this on a Wednesday next time:)

Pink shirt with jean shorts

Pink shirt with jean shorts

Pink shirt with jean shorts

Pink shirt with camel bag and necklace

Pink shirt with jean shorts

Pink shirt with jean shortsGet the Look:
Shirt: Target
Shorts: (To be honest, I don’t remember…)
Boots: Francesca’s Collections
Camel Necklace: Charming Charlie
Bracelet & Watch: Charming Charlie
Clutch: Charming Charlie
Earrings: Another vintage piece from my Mother In Law

It is still outrageously hot here in Austin. It has been 100 degrees all week long. I love heat, but I sure am ready for fall to come…I want apple cider and Halloween candy! Is anyone else out there trying to get into the fall feel without burning alive in jeans and scarves?!

Until next time…

xox Megan

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Chambray and Pastels

Good morning, Ladies!

Its’ starting to get hot down here in Austin, so I’m trying to get some use out of my pants and longer sleeves before it gets too hot to wear them! These white skinnies are my favorite pants right now! A good pair of white skinnies will make everyday shirts that you normally wear with jeans look SO much cuter, and they can REALLY help to expand your wardrobe since they go with practically everything! Today is a chambray and pastels kind of day:)





Shirt: Old Navy
White skinnies: JCPenney
Sunglasses: Charming Charlie
Handbag: Charming Charlie
Necklace: Charming Charlie
Shoes: Payless
Watch and Bracelets: Old Navy and Charming Charlie
Bow ring: Charming Charlie

As you can tell, I have an obsession with Charming Charlie, a HUGE majority of my accessories come from there. If you don’t have one by you, that is a shame…if you do and you haven’t been, that is a CRIME! GO!! Really cute stuff, REALLY affordable prices, it is AMAZING!

Hope you all enjoyed!

xox Megan

Stack ‘Em Up Now

Hello there, Strangers!

It’s been a while! Oh, the joys of the retail work world…no time to do anything except work! Well, GOOD NEWS! Tomorrow is my last day in the retail world! After a year and three months of accessorizing like crazy, putting up with insane customers day in and day out, and rarely doing the things I love to do, I will no longer be a retail manager! Yay! I like my job, but I am MORE than ready to be moving on into the business world. I will also be glad to not feel as though I am in a bad remake of the movie “Mean Girls” every day…haha!

Well, here is my trend of the day, stacking bracelets! I can rarely be seen without a wrist full of bracelets and these are some of my recent faves. Enjoy!

 Light pink bracelet stackAll Jewelry from Charming Charlie.

IMAG1736All Jewelry from Charming Charlie.

Safari BraceletsWatch: Charming Charlie
Bracelets: Delia’s

Silver Skull BraceletAll Jewelry from Charming Charlie.

Big pink bow braceletWatch: Charming Charlie
Pink Bow: Old Navy
Other: Really old things lol

Cognac wrap watch and gold braceletsAll Jewelry from Charming Charlie.

Thanks for stopping by!

xox Megan