Hearts For Valentine’s Day

Red heart elbow patches and bow- perfect for Valentines day

If you missed yesterday’s tutorial on how to make this heart elbow patch cardigan, get your little fanny on over there and check it out! It’s super easy and takes very few supplies. I have seen heart elbow patch sweaters around for the past couple of years, but I didn’t want to spend $50 on something I *might* not wear that often. So, crafty Megan comes in to play and voila, you get a heart print heart elbow patch sweater! lol! Double hearts for me:)
I love how it turned out and it matches my little heart bow that I made (for sale here, by me #shopsmall) It’s actually turning out to be a little bit warmer than I had expected this week, but sometimes you just have to brave through the 80 degree heat and wear a cute cardigan anyways!

Red heart bow and heart elbow patches Red and mint outfit for Valentines day- cute elbow patches Love those little red heart elbow patches Red heart bow with a red cardigan Feb 2015 Red and Mint Outfit Inspiration Feb 2015

Get The Look:
All That Glitters Baby Hair Bow  //  Target Cardigan (heart patch tutorial here)  //  Target Denim  //  Yellowbox Shoes  //  Charming Charlie Handbag & Fringe Top  //  Aldo Sunglasses
I am loving the mint and red combo in this outfit and I don’t think that I wear it nearly enough. Much better than an accidental mint and mustard combo I wore the other day. Yeah, that’s what happens when you are running late, forget to change out your mint handbag, and then throw on a mustard colored shirt! Whoops! Good thing that outfit wasn’t documented in any way shape or form, it was not so good. Well, be sure to stop on by tomorrow for a delicious, healthy recipe I concocted last weekend! Thanks for stopping by!
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DIY Heart Elbow Patch Cardigan

DIY Heart Elbow Patch Sweater

Even though we really don’t celebrate Valentine’s day here in the Todd household, it’s still really fun to decorate and dress for!  Let’s be real, when do I ever turn down a chance to craft? Lol! Last year, I made this super fun heart shaped wreath out of a pool noodle, and this year it’s a fun elbow patch sweater! Valentine’s day just gives us all a chance to wear our hearts on our sleeve…yes, pun intended!

Heart Elbow Patch Cardigan DIY

This years Valentine’s craft is so easy it isn’t even funny. All you need is a cardigan, some fabric, and one of the following: thread, iron-on adhesive, or double sided tape. It really depends on how permanent you want your patches to be! Just get together all of your supplies and then follow the steps below!

Make your own heart elbow patches


  1. Google image search “heart” and find one that suits your liking.
  2. Save the image to your computer and print it out on card stock- you may have to re-size the heart a few times to get the size you want.
  3. Cut out your card stock heart.
  4. Use your heart as a stencil to cut out your fabric pieces.
  5. Put on your cardigan and pin your heart to your elbow where you want it to be.
  6. Take off the cardigan and decide which type of adhesive you are going to use.
  7. If you want a permanent patch and have a sewing machine, sew around the perimeter of the hearts on each elbow.
  8. If you want a permanent patch, but don’t have a sewing machine (or aren’t very good at it;-)) stick your iron on adhesive between the patches and the sweater- iron.
  9. If you want a less permanent solution and would like to wear your sweater again without the patches grab some double sided tape like this. You will wants extra strong kind. This will allow you to wear the sweater with patches once, and then you can remove them and reapply as needed using more tape.

DIY Heart Elbow Patches

Ta da! Isn’t it adorable? I think it’s the perfect little Valentine’s sweater without being too overly gaudy! Have a fun Valentine craft or post? Link to it in the comments so I can come check them out!

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