Five Trends I Love

5 hot trendsHi Lovelies!

I did a post a while back about trends that I hate and wish had never existed….so, I thought I would do the other side! So, here you have it 5 trends that I LOVE, that a lot of other people probably really hate.

1. Leopard printLeopard, cheetah, whichever you want to call it. You name it, I have it. Cheetah watch, cheetah  shirt, cheetah dress, cheetah cardigan, cheetah belt, cheetah shoes, cheetah handbag, cheetah earrings, cheetah necklace, cheetah socks, cheetah bedding…Ok, so I don’t have the cheetah bedding, that was when I was 16, but everything else is right on. You name it, I have it….in cheetah. I know, I know…what did you do, skin a cheetah?!?! Yes, and a very large one to make all of the things!!!!

2. Statement jewelery– Some people think they are gaudy. I think they are fabulous. I love big jewelery. It has rhinestones, pearls, bows, and is bright pink?!? Where do I sign up?! The bigger the better…just like Texas.

3. Boyfriend cardigans– Worn the correct way they can be so cute! Now, don’t go buying an extra large to make it extra baggy because you’ll look like you’re wearing a tent. But, in the right size, with a little belt, and the right outfit….you’ve started a revolution:)

4. Chevron– Yes, I’ve heard…a lot of people are totally over the whole chevron thing, but I am totally not. I love chevron. And not just for fashion, for decor as well. Give me chevron curtains, a lamp, and a dress…I neeeeed them!

5. Combat boots– As I told you in yesterday’s post, I LOVE this trend. I know that a lot of people think you have to have a certain “look” to pull these off, but I am pretty sure I proved them wrong! As long as you don’t wear them with camo, I’m pretty sure they can mix into anyone’s personal style really well!

There you have it, my favorite trends of the moment. What trends are you loving right now?

Until tomorrow…

xox Megan

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  1. Meg O.

    I am IN LOVE with leopard print lately! I just can’t get enough!! And now I want a boyfriend cardigan.

    Visiting here from TX Women Bloggers! Love your blog :)


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