The Blogging Struggle

Hi Lovelies!
Blogging has been a real struggle for me lately. Not because I don’t enjoy it anymore, I do! I do so much! I have just had a lot of things going on and life has been getting in the way. As you know if you are a regular around here, I have been trying my best to get healthy and in shape. I have been trying to eat well and get a lot of exercise in, which has been going pretty well…but not as well as I would like. I have also opened up an Etsy shop for little ones called All That Glitters Baby. These two things, not to mention my full time job, have all been taking up a lot of my time, leaving very little time to take outfit photos and write posts.
Working out and being healthy in itself feels a full time job to me. You have to plan out your meals so that you don’t end up off track, and planning/setting aside time for work outs can be a daunting task sometimes. And that Etsy shop…well, business has been going well, but that money doesn’t just grow on trees. You have to make the products, photograph them, post to social media accounts, promote your shop, and then fill the orders! It’s pretty much like having a second blog! I tell ya…I will never complain about the pricing of an Etsy item again. It takes a LOT of work. Please, do me a favor…when you are looking to purchase something handmade, do not haggle with them on the price. It is worth every penny in their time and effort I promise!
All that being said, I am sorry if I have been a little bit more absent lately than usual. I promise I am not leaving you! I have, however, decided to cut back a little bit. I usually post 5 times per week, but that just isn’t possible right now.  Life is happening and it’s not going to slow down for this blog. I’m not going to set a schedule or a limit of how many posts I am going to get out there weekly, because that would just stress me out lol. I would, however, like to try for 3 posts per week! I think that’s a number that I can keep up with and with that I can guarantee the most quality in my posts! I
I plan to continue with my outfit posts and recipes, but I would like to add on some “Favorite Things” types of posts as well. I can highlight some of my current favorite make up items, trends, online shops, articles, etc. I used to do a post like this back in the beginning of All That Glitters, but for some reason stopped. I have also gotten a few questions about setting up and running an Etsy shop and would love to get a few Etsy selling posts out there for all of you with questions. So, that is something you can expect on top of outfit posts and recipes in the months to come!
I want to thank all of you who have stuck around with me on this journey, it’s been a great one so far and these changes are necessary to keep it going for even longer!

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