Pink & Gold Unicorn Party

My sister is one of the best party planning Moms I have ever met. She thinks of the most adorable themes, finds the cutest decorations, and is the DIY queen. I just sit over here and reap the benefits:) Free cake, awesome photos, great ideas for my future babies, and a great blog post! Haha! My niece turned 3 this year, and her birthday was the cutest pink and gold unicorn party you have ever seen. Everything was adorable and mostly DIY which means it was cheap! Look how cute:

Pink and gold unicorn party- gold glitter vases, glitter unicorn cake, gold mason jars
This cake was to die for. The cake was purchased at Kroger and she just told them to put pink rosettes on it. She then cut out a unicorn in gold glitter card stock with her Silhouette Cameo, hot glued it to a wooden stick, and voila! Perfect little unicorn cake!Pink and Gold Unicorn Cake- Unicorn birthday party Gold glitter unicorn cake with pink icing
The vases and a few mason jars were decorated in glitter as well. For the ones with the stripe around the center, she just cut out a strip of glitter card stock and hot glued it to the jars. The dipped vases were a little more complicated than that, but still pretty easy. First, you put painter’s tape around the vase to create a straight line. Then you paint a layer of modge podge on the bottom half. Sprinkle some FINE glitter on to the modge podge. Let it dry and repeat the process until you have the amount of glitter you want! Put a top layer of modge podge on the last layer of glitter and let it dry!DIY Gold glitter vases- gold birthday party decor Gold dipped mason jars- perfect for birthday parties
This tassel banner was actually made by yours truly. I will be writing a tutorial about how to make your own in the upcoming weeks, so stay tuned!

Pink and gold tassel banner- DIY tassel banner
Overall, great party and adorable decorations that I plan to steal for my children someday:) Thanks for stopping by! If you love what you read, be sure to follow along on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook for updates and sneak peaks.

Unicorn birthday party cake- pink cake with gold glitter unicorn on top- DIY gold unicorn topper


Who Doesn’t Love 15% Off?!?

***This post contains affiliate links. If you purchase something through one of my links, I will make a few bucks for having sent you. (At no cost to you:)) This compensation goes towards helping to keep All That Glitters alive and running!***
Remember last week when I posted about all of my favorite deal sites?! Well, I’m back at it, but this time just talking about one of the sites on my list, Eleventh Avenue. They have asked me to show you some of their newest items and to give all of my readers a 15% off discount code!! Woohoo! That baby will be at the end of the post!
One of my favorite things about Eleventh Avenue is that all of the items are from different small shops around the internet (including Etsy shops…Woot woot!). You’re supporting small businesses and helping them grow, which I LOVE. I know I could get that hair bow at Walmart for $1, but I would much rather support my online shop friends and buy from them, it’s as simple as that. So without further adieu, my favorites from Eleventh Avenue this weekend!
Leave a Sparkle gold dot pillow
Sparkle Pillow: I love this! I really want to make my blog/shop office gold and pink so this would match perfectly!
You are so worth it print
You Are So Worth It Print: This would go well in my office too….choices choices!
$8 tassel necklaces
Tassel Necklaces: They’re Kendra Scott like but only $8.99. Obviously, it won’t be the same (lol), but if you want each and every color but don’t want to fork out $80-$90 these are perfect!!
Polka Dot Vntage Bathign Suit
Vintage Polka Dot Bathing Suit: I loooove this! I’m not sure how the whole high waisted thing would work for me, but I still love it! Might have to give this one a try….
I have to admit I have been buying a LOT of things from this site lately…but I just fall in love with things so easily! haha! Once it’s on my mind…it is in my shopping cart! :) Your code for 15% off is AVENUE15  and it’s good now until May 22!!! Yep, you heard correctly, MAY 22nd!! Be sure to check back in at Eleventh Avenue every day for new, great deals!

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Lazy Girls Guide To Cleaning Your Microwave

The all natural way to clean your microwave

I bet you know the feeling: you put your spaghetti in the microwave to reheat, you even put a paper towel over it to save your microwave from the dreaded spaghetti splatter, but you come back at the beep and it’s everywhere. I don’t know what it is in the spaghetti sauce that splatters all over, but it’s inevitable. Somehow it always manages to explode the paper towel right off of the bowl I put my meal in too! (Yes, I eat spaghetti in a bowl it’s so much easier that way.) Who wants to clean their microwave right when they are going to eat that delicious spaghetti? No one. So, you leave it…and if you’re anything like me, you don’t use your microwave too often so you just kind of forget about it. A few weeks later, your parents are coming to visit (yes, the incredibly clean ones), and your microwave looks like a bloody battle scene from some war movie. Yuck. I have a way that can clean up that nasty microwave in 6 minutes flat. No joke. 6 minutes.
Step 1: Pour 1  cup of water into a measuring cup.
Step 2: Put a 1/2 cup of vinegar into the water.
Step 3: Put measuring cup into microwave.
Step 4: Turn microwave on for 5 minutes.
Step 5: Using a damp paper or fabric towel, wipe it clean. It literally just wipes off, no scrubbing at all!
Step 6: Impress guests:)
It really is that easy! Vinegar is a safe and easy way to clean and I love that it’s so much cheaper and more gentle than any sort of degreaser. Do you have any amazing kitchen cleaning hacks I should know?

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Yellow & Turquoise Inspiration


Yellow and Turquoise decor inspiration


We just bought a new home back in May, and I have been scouting out decor and DIY tricks on Pinterest ever since. At first, I was going to go with yellow and grey as our color scheme for the living room. I already had a lot in these colors because that’s what my living room was in our old duplex, but after searching so many millions of pins and blogs, I think I have finally settled on a color palette. Yellow, turquoise, and grey. I have found some really beautiful things online and in the stores in these colors and I think it’s going to be a beautiful combination! We just ordered our grey sectional, which I am in love with, and you get two accent pillows with it. Obviously I ordered them in a fun yellow and turquoise pattern:) Wes and I are bright people and we like a lot of color, so it just seemed right to not only go with one bright color in our scheme, but two.

I also like the idea of switching some things (like pillows and blankets) around with the seasons, you know, going with more of a mustard and rich teal during the fall and winter and having a brighter yellow and turquoise in the spring and summer. We don’t get the couch for over a month because it has to be made, but you can bet I will be posting all about that beauty once it comes in!

What colors do you have in your home? Anyone switch them around with the seasons?

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A Grey And Yellow Living Room

Hi Lovelies!

Happy hump day! My week has been going pretty well, still unpacking and getting my life together. It’s all coming together quite nicely! I have been Pinterest stalking for weeks now and have found SO many great ideas for decor that I wanted to share a few. The living room will be painted a light grey and the color scheme will be grey, white, yellow, and a few splashes of black. I am SUPER pumped to get a new couch and I really want a sectional! I LOVE the one down below. If anyone out there has a great one, let me know in the comments where you bought it so that we can start looking:) Have a wonderful Wednesday!
Yellow and Grey Living Room