The Lust List #6

Hi Lovelies!

Happy Friday! It is finally here, the weekend of my half marathon! I am excited and nervous, but I know we are going to do great! I will be sure to take TONS of pictures and post them all next week. Today’s list includes some of my favorite summer items like floppy hats and wedges! Enjoy! 


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The Lust List

Hi Lovelies!

So, my sister’s entire family is coming to town tonight and I had no time last night to put together an outfit post. After working out and dinner I only had time to clean my house before bed, so today I am going to show you some things I have found around the internet that I really want! I definitely have an internet shopping problem that I was doing SO well with in January and February….March so far, not so much. I’ll have to work on that for the next half of the month, it’s just so hard with spring coming I want to buy all the pretty warm weather things!

Hope you all found a few things you love up there:)

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13 Last Minute Valentine’s Ideas!

Hi Lovelies!

I know Valentine’s Day is tomorrow, but I thought I would give you a little last minute inspiration! You know me, I love to decorate for holidays and I love to craft, so some of these are going on my list for next year:) Enjoy!

Valentine's Day Roundup1. Pinwheel Pencil Toppers– Mom Dot
2. Paper Flowers– Mrs Three in Three
3. Paper Ribbon Topiary– Ribbons and Glue
4. Love Monster Candy Box Valentines– Moments With Mandy
5. Valentine Treat Bags– Mommie Agian
6. Valentine’s Mason jar– Julie is Coco and Cocoa
7.  Frugal DIY Valentine’s Decor– Stretching A Buck
8. Red Velvet Waffle Stacks– Beyond Frosting
9.  Folded Heart Valentines– Ribbons and Glue
10. DIY Valentine’s Tins– Confessions of An Overworked Mom
11. Be Mine Valentine’s Banner– Little Red Window
12. Chocolate Covered Heart Cake Pops– Pink When
13. DIY Pillow Boxes– Practically Functional

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10 Things I Have Learned From Blogging

Hi Lovelies,

As you might know, I went to Denver this past weekend to visit my cousin. You may have also noticed that I put this little blog on hold last Friday. Well, in doing so, I learned something really valuable about blogging and about life in general. So, since I was thinking about what I have learned, I thought that I would share ten things I have learned while blogging.

10 things I have learned from blogging

1. Although there are some really mean people out there, there are also some really great ones too. These are the people that will support you in everything you do. I love these people.

2. Beauty is everywhere. Yes, even in you. There are so many different definitions of beauty and it really can be found anywhere. I have found so many different blogs/bloggers in the past 9 months and they are all beautiful in their own ways. A few of my favorites are Delightfully Tacky, Yours Truly, Merrick’s Art, Because Shanna Said So. Each one of these blogs has an ENTIRELY different style, they all have very different vibes. Each and every one of them is SO beautiful. Beauty can not only be found in their style, but in their photos, in the scenery around them, in their children, in their families, in their foods, and in their homes.

3. Comparing yourself to someone else gets you nowhere in life. If anything, you start moving backwards. This is one I am working on every day. I have been doing this my entire life. Grades, sports, body image, blogging…..I feel like, especially for women, this is a vicious cycle and something we all have to overcome to be happy.

4. Life goes on. This is that important one that I learned this weekend. I didn’t schedule any guest posts, or regular posts on Friday when I knew I wouldn’t be there. Don’t get me wrong, my OCD self wanted to schedule a guest post, but it didn’t work out. Once the guest post failed, I decided to just try not posting instead of stressing myself out right before vacay. I was so worried about it, but I learned If I skip a day the world is NOT going to end. I know, it sounds crazy that I was so worried. I was worried about my numbers going down, I was worried about what my readers would think…all for nothing. My numbers didn’t crash and burn, people didn’t stop following me, and to be honest, no one probably even noticed that I took ONE day off. <sigh of relief>

5. Time management is key. Both in blogging and in real life you have to be able to stick to a schedule or you will drown. Not being organized will drive you crazy and cause you all sorts of unnecessary stress.

6. “Followers” don’t mean anything. I have come across blogs with their stats shown and come to realize that they may have 500+ more “followers” than I do on bloglovin’, but I have just as many page views. Now, I know this sort of goes against #3 in not comparing yourself, but in this comparison I came to a good conclusion, so it’s ok:) Lol! I came to realize that stats aren’t everything. I have a much more loyal readership than some of these blogs with 1000+ “followers”. That being said, don’t ever let the numbers get you down.

7. Always try new things. This is something I have not only learned from blogging, but from life in general. I used to hate 2 things that I now love. Running and Twitter. Running first. I started running (even though I don’t like to admit it), because everyone else was doing it. Well, I found out….I love it! L-O-V-E it! It releases tension, makes your body feel fantastic, and makes you feel strong, I have met some fantastic bloggers, like Katie, who run too. Fitness bloggers are some of the most supportive of all, and each of them has helped me get closer and closer to the belief that “strong is beautiful”. I don’t run to be skinny anymore…I run to be healthy. I run to be strong. I run for me.

The second, Twitter.  I HATED Twitter. Yes, so much so that it deserved capitals! With blogging I have found that it’s actually really fun. You get to have conversations with people you wouldn’t normally get to. It is BY FAR the most social way to promote your blog and get to know other bloggers. Twitter has really helped me to break out of my shell and communicate with bloggers I have always wanted to have a conversation with.

8. The blogging community can be inspiring,. When I first started on this little adventure I though, oh my goodness I am going to get myself into debt. I will see all of these wonderful things and buy everything in sight. I have actually come across dozens of bloggers that feel the same way I do, and  they don’t want to go into debt either! These bloggers are posting about budgets, spending freezes, low budget fashion, etc. It actually helps to hear that other people out there are worried about these things and read about their plans to fix/help them. I can’t tell you how much more it makes me want to save when I read about Words of Williams’ budget, and it makes me feel all happy inside when I see that Shanna has another post for the budget friendly ladies out there. I can honestly say that the blogging world has inspired me to plan and budget even better than I did before!

9. We are all human. You see these beautiful pictures on Instagram from people like Noelle, and hilarious tweets from Karly Kim and Whitney. You see absolutely stunning style from Laura. They all seem as though they have perfect lives, but then you delve a little bit further into their blogs and realize that they are all human too. As perfect as they all seem, and as much as you wish you were that pretty/funny/thin/stylish, they have their flaws and they have bad things going on in their lives as well. They have to deal with the same types of things you do on a daily basis. I have to say, I have never cried harder into my keyboard than I did while reading one of Whitney‘s more personal posts recently. I felt for her, I could relate, and I just wanted to give her a big old hug.

10. You’re not that weird. All of those things you do that you were convinced were SO weird, they’re not. Everyone does weird shit, its just that no one talks about it. Unless you’re a blogger…then you post about it:)

What are some things you have learned while blogging? If you don’t blog, what are some of life’s most important lessons you have learned?

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IFB Links à la Mode


Hi Lovelies!

Guess who was featured on Independence Fashion Bloggers again?! Yay me! Well, go ahead check some of these lovely ladies out and let me know which one is your favorite!

Scratch the Surface

“They” say fashion is superficial, but would those same people say the same thing if they had no clothes? Or if they had to wear ugly clothes? Chances are “they’d” be singing a different tune. Whether you call it vanity, shallowness, superficiality, the truth is we all need fashion to get through the day… so is it really so superfluous? We think not! This week we have a load of great posts that get to the essentials of style, from styling that plaid shirt literally 50 ways to becoming more confident to concealing those pesky under eye circles (because you know, you do need to look your best!)

Links à la Mode: January 16

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