You Know You Have A Dog When…

You know you have a dog when...

My dog, Sophie, is a huge part of my life. I mean, really…look at that face…how could you not love that little nugget! She is my pride and joy and I am a proud puppy Momma….so while sitting around thinking of something to write the other night, I starting thinking about all of the crazy things we dog owners do for our pets….and thus was born:

You know you have a dog when…

1. You give up doing extremely important things. I don’t want to get up to pee, the dog is so comfortable on my lap right now. If I get up, they’ll have to move and be uncomfortable. We can’t have that can we?

2. You contort into strange positions. Maybe if I lean to the side 45 degrees and crane my neck around and then type with just the tips of my fingers I’ll be able to see the computer AROUND the dog that is laying half on top of it.

3. Food mess becomes non existent. Oh shit, I dropped spaghetti sauce. Here Doggie! Come get it! Yummy food! All clean and no harm done. :)

4. The doorbell is your worst nightmare. Someone walks up to the door….*oh no* Tries to hurdle over every item in the room to get to the door before the…..*ding dong* *dog barks uncontrollably* door bell….

5. You spell words instead of saying them. Want to go for a W-A-L-K? Do we have any T-R-E-A-T-S? I think it’s in the C-A-R.

6. You give up valuable sleep real estate. Your pillow, your blanket, your half of the bed, wherever and however she wants to sleep…..she sleeps….

7. You have a scapegoat. Someone farted? It was the dog. You’re not bored with your friends, you just have to go home and let the dog out. Your house isn’t usually this messy….it was the dog. <wink wink>

8. You have spent an entire night at the Emergency vet because your dog is sick, may have eaten a scorpion, or consumes an entire bag of chocolate. It’s just too bad they don’t understand human talk. That would just be too simple…

9. The camera in your house that is supposed to be used for home security purposes, turns in to a way to spy on your dog while you’re not home. I wonder what my dog is doing right now? Let’s have a look!

10. Your little heart is just full. Who could resist those eyes and that little face? They are the sweetest thing in your life and your heart couldn’t be more full of love:)

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12 Days of Christmas Day 11: Gift Guide for Bloggers

Blogger Gift Guide

*Sometimes I just have to laugh when I think about the things we bloggers do to keep up in the blogosphere. This post isn’t meant to be offensive to style bloggers, I am one. It’s just lightly poking fun of us, so try and laugh it off:)*<Insert Sarcasm Here>

Being a style blogger means keeping up with your instagram feed every 5 minutes. We need to make sure that we have the newest Starbucks mug, the greatest designer planner, and the most popular accessories AND that there is photo documentation of all of it! So, to help out that style blogger in your life, I’m here today with a gift guide that will give them everything they need for that perfect Instagram feed!

  1. fur vest. All of my favorite Instagrammers have one, I have one, therefore, it is absolutely necessary that all bloggers have one. End of story.
  2. Paper Straws. They really serve no purpose. If you put them in your drink they WILL get soggy. But, how cute are they? Another absolute necessity.
  3. Plaid Blanket Scarf. It all started with Zara…and it has yet to end. As a blogger you should have at least TWO colors of plaid blanket scarves. Duh.
  4. Anything tartan. This is really just a fancy word for plaid. Plaid is everywhere. If you don’t have it…well…you must not be a blogger.
  5. Picmonkey Royale. How else will you get awesome fonts in your “pinnable” pictures? Shell out buco bucks on Photoshop? I don’t think so!
  6. A fancy agenda. You’ll need this not only to schedule your posts a month out, but to use as a filler for all of your instagram photos. An agenda is perfect for a WIDN (What I’m doing now) post….What else would I be doing other than blog planning? Sheesh!
  7. Netflix. What else if going to give us random ideas for tweets at 2AM? If we aren’t up on the current Netflix shows we are going to have nothing to tweet about…ever.
  8. Anything Starbucks. A gift card so that she can buy all the drinks and use them in her OOTD (Outfit of the day) selfie. A cute Starbucks mug or traveller to use with her fancy agenda in her WIDN post. You could really just take her to Starbucks so that she can tweet about her Starbucks date:)
And there you have it, everything a blogger could ever need! Now get a hurry on it, there’s only a few days left ’til Christmas!

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It’s The Little Things

Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone! I hope you all have a wonderful day with family and/or friends! Last year I posted about all of the things in my life that I am thankful for here.  All of these things still pertain to today so I thought, instead of repeating myself this year, I would just link to that post and talk about the little things in my life I am thankful for as well as those big ones!

100 Things To Be Thankful For:

  1. Food- I am a foodie to the core. I love food. I honestly work out so that I can eat more food. Lol…
  2. The color pink
  3. Netflix
  4. Pinterest
  5. Men with curly hair
  6. Christmas lights- How can they not just make you happy?
  7. Glitter
  8. Holiday parties
  9. Books
  10. Braids- Makes life so much easier.
  11. Movies
  12. Fuzzy blankets
  13. Daisies
  14. Photography- Documenting this beautiful life is one thing I look forward to daily.
  15. Texas- The pride this state has for itself is beyond amazing to me.
  16. Babies
  17. Candles- Especially pumpkin and apple pie flavored.
  18. Chocolate pie
  19. Musicals
  20. Men who dress well- This, this, this, this, you get the picture…
  21. Dancing
  22. Emma Watson- I have a girl crush.
  23. Big backyards
  24. Swing sets
  25. Dogs- I like dogs more than I like most humans.
  26. The internet
  27. Hot cocoa with marshmallows
  28. Crock pots- best meals ever!
  29. Fair Isle print anything
  30. Puns
  31. Mashed potatoes with gravy- I know I already said food, but these get their own number.
  32. Puppy foot prints in the snow
  33. Harry Potter marathons on ABC Family
  34. Harry Potter in general
  35. Little kid giggles- There’s nothing better!
  36. The greenbelt
  37. Fresh sheets
  38. Chocolate milk
  39. Lakes
  40. Grammar
  41. Puppy snores- puppy dreams too. Sleeping puppies in general. (PS: All dogs are puppies in my mind.)
  42. Sundresses
  43. Instagram
  44. The gym
  45. Airplanes- How else would we be able to explore the world?
  46. Plaid
  47. Sour candy
  48. Cell phones/Tablets
  49. My Mom’s Christmas cookies
  50. Tom Hanks- This world would be worse off without Forest Gump in it.
  51. Country music
  52. Berry Berry Kix
  53. New tennis shoes
  54. Running
  55. The movie Christmas Vacation- never gets old.
  56. Blue eyes
  57. Warm summer nights
  58. Finding a truly great pen that writes fantastically!
  59. Bonfires
  60. Skirts that twirl
  61. Baby bowties
  62. Puppy noses
  63. Riding boots
  64. Pink lipstick
  65. The first snow fall- it’s magical.
  66. To do lists
  67. Polka dots
  68. Sales
  69. Kittens
  70. Ice cold water
  71. Evernote
  72. Supportive people- There are very few left these days.
  73. Coffee
  74. New carpet smell
  75. The beach
  76. Sophie kisses- I don’t care who thinks it’s gross, that’s my baby!
  77. Sunsets
  78. Sunrises
  79. Notebooks- I love writing down my thoughts and pretty notebooks make it more fun!
  80. Colorful socks
  81. Lightning bugs
  82. Big puppy dog eyes
  83. Thunderstorms- I could watch the lightening all day long.
  84. Lemon pinesol
  85. Wrapping paper
  86. Halloween
  87. Rain in the summer- the smell is my favorite.
  88. Little girls in tutus- cutest thing ever!
  89. The first nice spring day
  90. Fireworks
  91. The feeling after brushing your teeth
  92. Colorful pens
  93. Holidays- they bring everyone together!
  94. Reclining chairs
  95. Kisses in the rain
  96. Cuddling in bed on Sunday
  97. Taking a walk with your love
  98. A nice clean house
  99. Birthday wishes
  100. Mountains

Once again, have a GREAT day! Thank you so much for reading!

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Father’s Day Gift Guide

Fathers day Gift guide from East Dane


Hi Lovelies!

Father’s day is coming up in two weeks and if your Dad is anything like mine, he is impossible to buy for. When East Dane contacted me about their website, I took a look at their products and was really excited. I found some really awesome things that I know my dad would love! I have finally found a great place to buy gifts for all of the men in my life for every occasion! They even have some really great clothing items on there. My Dad sure hates to shop, maybe I’ll have to forward the website on to my Mom as well for some father’s day clothing shopping:)

I’m pretty sure the man things pouch is my favorite. It would be great to use while traveling for toiletries or for his passport and travel documents. Which one is your favorite?

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***This post is sponsored by East Dane. All opinions are my own.***

30 Before 30

Hi Lovelies!

I had a fantastic weekend! Wes and I went to Galveston with my best friend and her husband so that we could run our half marathon. Friday night we stayed up late catching up on each others lives and having some drinks. Saturday we explored the city, picked up our race day things, and laid on the beach. I had forgotten how much I love the ocean. Galveston isn’t nearly as nice as Florida, but it’s still a beach and it’s still the ocean. It was fantastic! Sunday morning came WAY too soon…I guess that’s what you get for not going to bed early the night before your half marathon. Lol! Heather and I did great! We finished the race and in pretty good time for our first race ever. I am so proud of us for making it through even though we only started to run 6 months ago! No judgements on the picture, we just ran 13.1 miles! Haha!

Half Marathon

The Diva’s run was SO much fun. It was almost exclusively ladies and a lot of them were wearing tutus and costumes. There was music, champagne, crowns, and boas…and our medals were pink and sparkly. Best race ever.

This was the pier on the ocean while we were running. It was perfect running weather, cloudy and a little windy. It could have been JUST a little less humid though.


Our half marathon starts off my list of 30 things I want to do before I turn 30. I have seen a bunch of these around the blogging world, and with my 27th birthday coming up in June I figured now was a perfect time to make one.


  1. Run a Half Marathon
  2. Go on a cruise
  3. Re-learn how to play the guitar
  4. Start writing a book
  5. Take a photography class
  6. Wizarding World of Harry Potter
  7. Paddle board yoga
  8. Start an Etsy business
  9. Sew a dress that’s worthy of wearing
  10. Anti-gravity yoga
  11. Freelance write for an online publication
  12. Buy a house
  13. Get into the best shape of my life
  14. Rid my life of things that aren’t useful, beautiful, or sentimental
  15. Have a completely internet free weekend with the husband
  16. Invest in the stock market
  17. Splurge on something I reallllly want no matter the cost
  18. Read 20 books
  19. Run a mile in 9 minutes
  20. Knit something
  21. Volunteer
  22. Grow my own vegetable
  23. Put up Christmas lights on my house
  24. Make a trip to London and Paris
  25. Go paintballing
  26. Learn basic Spanish (again)
  27. Have a dinner party
  28. Take a hot air balloon ride
  29. Sleep under the stars in my backyard
  30. See a live performance at the Grand Ole Opry

I’m really excited to cross more off of the list! Have you started a bucket list for yourself?

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