12 Days of Christmas Day 11: Gift Guide for Bloggers

Blogger Gift Guide

*Sometimes I just have to laugh when I think about the things we bloggers do to keep up in the blogosphere. This post isn’t meant to be offensive to style bloggers, I am one. It’s just lightly poking fun of us, so try and laugh it off:)*<Insert Sarcasm Here>

Being a style blogger means keeping up with your instagram feed every 5 minutes. We need to make sure that we have the newest Starbucks mug, the greatest designer planner, and the most popular accessories AND that there is photo documentation of all of it! So, to help out that style blogger in your life, I’m here today with a gift guide that will give them everything they need for that perfect Instagram feed!

  1. fur vest. All of my favorite Instagrammers have one, I have one, therefore, it is absolutely necessary that all bloggers have one. End of story.
  2. Paper Straws. They really serve no purpose. If you put them in your drink they WILL get soggy. But, how cute are they? Another absolute necessity.
  3. Plaid Blanket Scarf. It all started with Zara…and it has yet to end. As a blogger you should have at least TWO colors of plaid blanket scarves. Duh.
  4. Anything tartan. This is really just a fancy word for plaid. Plaid is everywhere. If you don’t have it…well…you must not be a blogger.
  5. Picmonkey Royale. How else will you get awesome fonts in your “pinnable” pictures? Shell out buco bucks on Photoshop? I don’t think so!
  6. A fancy agenda. You’ll need this not only to schedule your posts a month out, but to use as a filler for all of your instagram photos. An agenda is perfect for a WIDN (What I’m doing now) post….What else would I be doing other than blog planning? Sheesh!
  7. Netflix. What else if going to give us random ideas for tweets at 2AM? If we aren’t up on the current Netflix shows we are going to have nothing to tweet about…ever.
  8. Anything Starbucks. A gift card so that she can buy all the drinks and use them in her OOTD (Outfit of the day) selfie. A cute Starbucks mug or traveller to use with her fancy agenda in her WIDN post. You could really just take her to Starbucks so that she can tweet about her Starbucks date:)
And there you have it, everything a blogger could ever need! Now get a hurry on it, there’s only a few days left ’til Christmas!

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  1. She Rocks Fitness

    I like your sarcasm and I think you do a pretty good job of doing it without being too obnoxious…LOL. Although I don’t think you could ever be. Life is too short to not make fun of ourselves and laugh. Thanks for sharing these ideas! XOXO


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