Plaid Madness

Fall outfit inspiration with plaid and lace

There is SO much plaid going on right now! Everywhere you look there are plaid scarves, plaid shirts, plaid shoes, it’s madness and I love it! Plaid is, in my opinion, such a timeless pattern and it’s one of those that will never “go out of style”. Plaid reminds me of my childhood. You see, I had about 10 plaid skirts when I was in 5th grade. I remember because my Grandmother took me back to school shopping at The Limited Too and I bought all of them there along with their matching sweater vests and button downs. Yes, I was a preppy little 10 year old. It also reminds me a bit of Scotland and their kilts, where I visited as a child. You see, all sorts of childhood nostalgia comes along with plaid for me, which is probably why I like it so much:)
Fall outfit- plaid scarf with grey sweater Lace tunic with grey sweater- add a plaid scarf for fall Plaid outfit inspiration with grey sweater and lace tunic Grey sweater paired with a red plaid scarf Red plaid scarf  outfit inspiration Red plaid scarf with a lace tunic Red plaid scarf with a grey sweaterGet The Look:

Target Sweater  //  Target Scarf  //  Old Navy Denim  //  Charming Charlie Boots & Handbag  //  Charming Charlie Lace Tunic  //  Aldo Sunglasses

Everyone and their mother has the Zara blanket scarf, which is part of the reason I decided to get this one instead. They actually had a scarf identical to one from Zara at Target and I avoided that one as well. I was drawn to this one for some reason. Perhaps it was the bright red color or perhaps it was the softness, either way I love it and I will not be ashamed of my jumping on the plaid bandwagon! What fun fall bandwagons have you jumped on this year?

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Polka Dots And Plaid: Getting Brave With Pattern Mixing

Pattern Mixing with plaid and polka dots

Really y’all…I am getting SO brave with this pattern mixing thing, and this outfit makes me SO excited! I love the colors, I love the patterns, I love the red lips. I love this outfit. I have read so many posts about “rules” for pattern mixing. I’ve even written a few about “tips” for pattern mixing. I have to say, after this outfit, throw all of that out the window. If you like it, I say go for it:) That has really been my motto for the past few months. I am trying to get over the self conscious, “What do other people think?” that goes on it my brain, and just go for what I like and what makes me feel awesome. This one makes me feel awesome.
Buffalo Checks and Polka Dots Three way pattern mixing Polka dots and buffalo checks, great pattern mixing inspiration Pattern Mixing- Plaid and Polka Dots Plaid and polka dot outfit- Pattern mixing Buffalo Checks, Polka Dots, and Houndstooth Red and Black Plaid with Houndstooth Heels Great pattern mix, polka dots and buffalo check Black and white and red pattern mixingGet The Look:

Old Navy Button Down Shirt  //  Target Cardigan  //  Old Navy Denim  //  Charming Charlie Crossbody & Sunglasses  //  Payless Pumps

Shop Similar:

I hope everyone has a wonderful Monday and I will see you all tomorrow:)

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Mustard And Coral

Outfit inpiration for fall- black and mustard

It’s that time of year again…the time of year where I always seem to get sick. Blah! I have been coughing up a lung for like a week and am just beginning to feel like I’m NOT going to die. That’s my immune system for ya…or lack there of. <sigh>
Mustard pants for fall Mustard and black with a floppy hat Fall outfit inspiration- black with mustard and coral Coral and yellow with black for fall Dress like Jackie, Act like Audrey, Party like Gatsby Floppy hat for fall with a colorful scarfGet The Look:

New York & Company Pants  //  Target Top  //  Charming Charlie Scarf  //  White Plum Hat  //  Fornash Bracelet via Simply Soles (Comes in 5 colors and if you sign up for emails you get a $10 off coupon making it $15 with shipping!)   //  Aldo Sunglasses  //  Nordstrom Rack Handbag

Shop Mustard:

Yeah, being sick has made me mildly speechless….lol. Hence the short intro today. On to the outfit! These pants are fantastic, and so versatile. They are dressy enough to wear in a business casual environment, but casual enough to wear apple picking or to a pumpkin patch. Yep, that’s my shameless fall plug for the day! Hehe! This outfit makes me want to do all of the above though, especially that hat:) I’ve never really had a fall hat before this one, and I have a feeling it’s going to be worn over and over this fall. The whole outfit just makes me feel classy…I like classy:)All That Glitters Blog Signature

Recent Steals

Recent Steals
1 Cardigans  //  2 Burgundy Pumps  //  3 Midi Skirt  //  4 Plaid Bow  //  5 Houndstooth Pumps  //  6 Leopard Pumps

I have been finding some REALLY great deals on the cutest stuff lately and I just wanted to share some of them with you:)

1. These cardigans from Target are so cute! They are also on sale BOGO 50% off right now, which is awesome and make it $35 for both! I got the leopard and the polka dots, but they have a few other cute patterns including one in the same pattern as this dress.

2. These burgundy pumps are SO comfy! I always try heels on, think they are comfy, and then cry or change half way through the day but these weren’t like that! I wore them all day at work and my feet didn’t feel like they wanted to die! These are also BOGO 50% and come in 4 colors including teal which I am fighting the urge to buy:)

3. I actually got this skirt in black and in the pink. So cute. be aware that they do run a bit small though. So cute and I plan to wear it with all of my new pumps:) Oh yeah, and it’s $19.90…seriously a skirt for under $20? No wonder I bought 2!

4. This bow is larger than like and I LOVE it. Plaid is already selling out everywhere and this bow is only $2.80. Can you possibly find a cuter and cheaper way to add a little plaid to your outfit?

5. Ok, so I went a little over board with the shoes, but I just couldn’t help myself when I saw these on the commercial! Houndstooth is my stuff! Also, $14.99 and not a super high heel…sign me up. I’m ALL about a good deal!

6. Last pair of pumps for a while…lol! I needed leopard heels. And by need I meant I keep seeing them everywhere and then when I click the links they lead me to $100 leopard heels. Umm….$100 for LEOPARD shoes? Not happening….leopard may always be in style, but I just can’t justify that. These on the other hand are only $19.99 so obviously I put them in my cart right along side those houndstooth babies up there:)

Have you found any great steals lately?

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My New Favorite Fall Dress

All That Glitters- Fall Fashion

Ok, I realize that I come to you guys like once per week saying that I have found my new favorite outfit, but this time….I mean it! I have finally found it: my favorite fall outfit for this year! This dress from Target had me from the first glance. I saw it, I tried it on, I loved it. And weirdly enough, I didn’t buy it the first time I saw it, but you can bet your ass I thought about that dress for days. So, obviously I went back in when I was supposed to be getting food for dinner and bought her:) Do you ever see an item, fall in love and then think about it for days after? No? I’m the only one? Haha! You can do SO much with this dress and you can guarantee that I will be styling it more than a few more times this winter. With a fur vest, with colored tights, with tall boots, with pants as a tunic….don’t even get me started on the endless possibilities. I think this might call for a “One dress: 6,000,000 Ways” post….<evil laugh>All That Glitters Blog-Navy and Purple Outfit for Fall All That Glitters Blog- Navy Dress with Purple Handbag All That Glitters Blog- Navy and Pink All That Glitters Blog- Burgundy Handbag and Cognac Bow Boots- Perfect for fall All That Glitters Blog- Fall Fashion in Navy and Purple All That Glitters Blog- Navy and Purple Color Crush All That Glitters Blog- Navy and Purple Fall Outfit Inspirations All That Glitters Blog- Navy and Burgundy Dress All That Glitters Blog- Navy dress with purple and pink flowers All That Glitters Blog- Purple Handbag for fall fashion

Get The Look:

Target Shirt Dress  //  Alloy Booties  //  Francesca’s Collections Handbag  //  Sam Moon Necklace  //  Charming Charlie Bracelet and Earrings  //  Lips: NYC City Proof Twistable Crayon in Ballroom Blush

Shop Shirt Dresses:

Don’t think I’m going to forget to talk to you about those booties! I bought them back when I worked for Delia’s from the Alloy magazine and only wear them on occasion, but after seeing them with this dress I feel like I need to bring them into my outfits more often. They really aren’t very high heels, which is great for me since I am the biggest klutz ever, and who can resist those big brown bows? Oh, and did I forget to mention my hair? I’m pretty sure this is the first time my hair has been down in a post since I got it cut! For those of you thinking, “her hair is so long!”, you must be new here! Haha! I am going to send you on over to this post, this post,  and this post, so you can check out what real long hair actually is:) She chopped off at least 6 inches and I really like the length. I think it looks MUCH healthier, butI know it will be back to it’s ultra long state in like a month anyways because my hair grows like a weed. It’s nice to have a little something different even if it is just the length:)

I hope everyone has a wonderful Wednesday and get excited because tomorrow I have a little announcement for you! Eek!

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