The 5 Worst Recent Trends

The worst trends of 2013

Hello there, Lovelies!

I tried to like them, I really did…it’s just NOT going to happen for me.

The Top 5 Worst Trends of 2013 (thus far…)

  1. High waisted pants/shorts- Now, I’m not talking a little high….I’m talking those ones that go up to your ribs. Nothing about these is sexy in my opinion. Does no one remember middle school when we made fun of our teachers for having “flat butts” in these types of pants?!?! Yes, they look like that on you too! Especially if you are slim and already don’t have a butt!
  2. Paleo diets- OK, I’m going to get a lot of grief for this one….but, I love food. I’m sorry, but I just can’t do this caveman style stuff. If I don’t have my carbs, someone is going to get hurt…
  3. Leggings with pictures on them- Polka dots are fine with me, stripes are alright, lets just put patterns in an okay position….but the pictures. I’m sorry, what? Are those pictures of bones on your leggings, or did I form X-ray vision? It is also NOT okay to have Star Wars on your leggings…or Betty Boop….or the solar system…
  4. The bow hair style- Okay, just to start you off….I.Love.Bows. I will pretty much buy anything that has a bow on it. Then people started tying their hair in bows. First of all, that’s beyond hard and it will never look like the picture. Second, it looks….well in my opinion, dumb. If you want a bow in your hair, then tie one (or clip it) in. If we are being honest, does anyone else think it looks like a sock bun gone wrong? I’m sorry, I just can’t handle the bow made of hair…
  5. It was really hard for me to pick #5. I wanted it to be ombre hair to begin with because to me it just looks like you forgot to die your hair…but it just wasn’t terrible enough. In the end, I had to go with those MC Hammer pants aka harem pants. You know the ones…they’re REALLY baggy until they get to your lower leg and then they get really skinny. These do not flatter anyone on this earth. Ever. No excuses.

Now, you can feel free to disagree with me. I mean, that is your right as a human. But, this is my mouth I can say what I want to…..(don’t even get me started on Miley….)

Until tomorrow,
xox Megan

18 Comments The 5 Worst Recent Trends

  1. Taylor @ Pink Heels Pink Truck

    Yeah…the harem pants I didn’t understand. Too much MC Hammer. I didn’t get the ombre look unless it was from light to dark and not the other way around. The patterned leggings…so not for me (with or without pictures). And I do not like high waisted anything. Great list!

  2. budziak

    Have you noticed the 80’s are back? With all the neon & crop tops. It’s a little creepy. I’m anticipating seeing some cone bras & crimped hair back a come back. LOL. I have to admit I bought like 3 lacy articles of clothing the other day… :-)

  3. Emily Humphries

    Oh my gosh thank you so much I so don’t get the ombre thing either I think I totally looks like you didn’t finish dieing your hair. Call me crazy but seriously did you just dip the ends of your hair in a paint can. And yes tying your own hair in a bow seems really odd.

    1. allthatglitters810

      I hate ombre. This girl at my old work did it….she ruined her absolutely gorgeous hair by doing it, it looked terrible! It was one of those awkward things where you know they dyed their hair, but you don’t want to say something because you don’t want to outright lie and say it looks great when you don’t think so. She finally said, “No one has even noticed that I dyed my hair!” All I wanted to say was that it looks like she forgot to dye the rest of her hair….I just don’t understand….

  4. Ashley

    Haha, I agree with you on these…I’ve seen the bow hairstyle done right–but the girl was 4, so really, anything on a 4-year old is adorable.

    And those high waisted pants–you should hear my husband’s opinion, neither of us are fans lol…


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