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Hi Lovelies!

It has already been over a week since we got back from our Michigan vacation. It feels like yesterday and it makes me so sad that we won’t be back for another year. Well, we may be in Michigan before then, but we won’t be up north on the lake:( Today’s photos are from the family reunion, the one above is of me and my cousin, Stephanie. It’s her birthday today! (Happy Birthday, Steph!)


Wes and I where we got engaged 2 years ago.


Sophie even got her own little photo shoot. Doesn’t she look happy?


Beautiful sunset from the first night.


My beautiful niece, Hailey, and I on the 4th of July.


Wes and our brother in law, Chris. Yes, my husband is wearing a storm trooper shirt. Yes, it is on a pink surf board. Yes, it is a tank top. You can thank our friend Bryan who kidnapped us for 3 days with no extra clothing. You can also thank Walmart.


Sophie took a dip in the lake. She didn’t like it.


The bro-in-law and I.


Jump! The 4 cousins always get a picture in the sunset:)


And then we die of laughter….


The most beautiful view on earth.


Wesley and myself…we totally look photoshopped into this one. Weird.


We don’t like each other at all:)




Best friends.

It really is the most beautiful place I have seen and I wait anxiously every single year for the summer to come so that I can lay on the beach and read, watch the sunset, and get ice cream at the local ice cream shop. <sigh> Only 352 (or so) more days to go until next year!

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  1. Bailey K.

    Looks beautiful. I’ve always wanted to visit Michigan. Plus, every state around the Great Lakes. I’ve never been to around there at all! It’s so sweet that you got to visit the place where you got engaged!


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