A Wishlist….Or Three…

Hi Lovelies!

The holidays are approaching and I have been bombarded with requests for a “Christmas list”. I never have any idea what to tell people when they ask me this. I don’t really NEED anything….I just WANT everything:) Hehe! So today, I have put together a few lists. A reasonable wish list, an unreasonable wishlist, and a practical wishlist:)

1. The Reasonable Wishlist

I call this the reasonable wishlist because it’s really just an outfit from Target. Target is pretty reasonably priced, so therefore, you get the “reasonable” wishlist! Target is a HUGE problem for me. There are 2 within a mile of my work and it is bad news bears when I have nothing to do on my lunch break. This wishlist will most likely change weekly from now until Christmas, but for right NOW this is what I wish I could buy/get from Target!

2. The Unreasonable Wishlist

Unreasonable because it is expensive. Well, maybe not expensive, but expensive for what the items really are. So, I am not one for designer labels…I pretty much own a Coach crossbody and wallet that I got in high school and that is the extent of my designer collection. BUT, recently I discovered Kate Spade’s gold dot agenda…and by discovered I mean I bought it. This has opened a can of worms for me…..I haven’t bought anything else…yet….but I have started a Kate Spade wishlist that includes anything with gold dots on it. LOL! The only thing I think I would consider actually buying are the shoes….though I cannot justify to myself spending $75 on Keds. Meh.

3. The Practical Wishlist

Now, some people may not call this one practical….but it is much more practical than the previous two! The hubby and I just invested in a brand new king sized bed and we need some pretty decorative items to go with it. AKA we need to redecorate the entire room! Same sort of color scheme, but prettier. I am in LOVE with that polka dot flannel blanket set…..

Teal and Grey Bedroom

What is on your holiday “wishlist” this year?

Until tomorrow…

xox Megan

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20 Comments A Wishlist….Or Three…

  1. Patti

    I’m the gal that doesn’t have anything on my list. It’s infuriating to most folks. Honestly, the gift I’d like is the gift of time. I’d rather spend time with someone than exchange presents.

    Your lists are gorg!

    1. Megan

      I fell in love with this about a month ago and the polka dot stuff was no where to be found! They JUST put it up on the website, so I immediately asked my Momma for it for Christmas!:)

  2. Amanda

    I’m loving that living room set! My wish list includes SLEEP. Lots of sleep. lol And a whole day without someone crying or arguing. That would be great. 😉


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