Fit Friday: Staying Active On Vacation

Staying active on vacation

With our trip to Europe coming up this fall, I have been thinking a lot about how I am going to manage working out (or not working out, lol) for 2 whole weeks. I have been working out 4-5 times per week and I just don’t know if I can (or want) to go for an entire 2 week span without getting my sweat on at least a little bit. You know that I will be eating terribly the entire time, because let’s be realistic, vacation=dessert and wine…oh and the fact that we will have to eat out for most meals. Eating paleo/whole30-like when eating out is practically impossible so there goes my healthy eating. <sigh>

There's no way you woke up like that tank top

I wracked my brain for a while trying to think of fun ways to stay active while we are abroad and a came up with a few.

1. Jump Rope: I was offered an awesome TKO jump rope in exchange for a review and I thought, this could be the perfect opportunity to have a way to exercise when I go on vacation! I mean, it’s small, and it can be shoved into the small crevices of my bag…I can jump rope down the hall at my hotel, or you know, just in my room. (The people below us are going to LOVE me!) I already knew I was going to bring some work out clothes, because even though I *may* not use them, you don’t have the option to use them if they aren’t there. So, now that I have my clothes coming with me and this jump rope I know I can at least get a little cardio in a few times! I love the one they sent because it fits comfortably in your hands and it is plenty long enough so that you don’t trip over it constantly.

2. Walk everywhere: Even though there are trains and cabs in most big cities, walking around will really help you to stay on track. It’ll also help ensure that you get a great nights sleep every night which is a huge plus for us with the time change!

3. Running: I know not everyone is a runner out there, but what could be more fun that waking up, throwing on your shoes, and taking a little run (or jog) around a new and fun place? You can explore the area you are staying in and who knows, maybe you’ll find a fun, hidden gem!

4. Phone Apps: There are some really great phone apps specifically designed to be used without any sort of equipment. I know there is a deck of cards work out where you do a certain number of crunches, push ups, and other exercises for each type of card. This would be an easy, fast way to get in some ab work. :)

5. Rent your work out: Rent a bike, kayak, or canoe to site-see with. This will all depend on where you are going, but I know bike tours are pretty popular in Europe! Get your heart rate up and have fun while you’re doing it!

Jumping rope is such a great work out to take on vacation

I hope these tips help you out on your journey to be healthy and happy! Like what you read today?! Check out my other fit posts below!

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  1. Kathleen

    While visiting London for five days last October I ran three mornings and it was an amazing way to see the city while being unplugged. My favorite and most memorable run was thru Hyde Park then up the street to see the front of Kensington Palace!🏃🏻👑


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