Oh, Paris

Burgundy and mustard

It has been a while since I’ve done an outfit post on here, and I will be giving you a life update VERY soon to explain why…but today…let’s have a look at Paris. We spent 4 wonderful days in Paris last month and I can tell you that it is every bit as amazing as you would think it is. Every single street your turn down their is another beautiful building or monument to gaze at. <sigh> I had this outfit in my mind from the moment we decided our European extravaganza was going to be in the fall. I had been wanting a mustard skirt last fall and never bought one, so when I found this one on ASOS I checked out almost immediately. It was a purchase a year in the making, lol! I really would have loved to have worn it with my nude bow pumps, but lets be honest….heels and traveling just don’t mix. (Yeah, all of those bloggers who wear high heels in their photos in front of the Eiffel Tower are liars…lol!)ASOS Mustard Scalloped skirt Mustard Skirt for fall Mustard and Burgundy with gold Burgundy Top How to style mustard Scalloped Mustard SkirtGet The Look:

ASOS Scalloped Skirt  //  Nordstrom Rack Top  //  Target Polka Dot Tights (Similar)  //  Charming Charlie Bracelets & Necklace  //  Payless Flats  //  Old Navy Jacket

I tried to go for a fall colored theme in all of my clothing on the trip. I packed items in a certain color scheme so that I could mix and match my items and get the most out of my suitcase space! I have to say that it worked out SUPER well and I’ll have to work on a post with my packing tips soon! Hope you all are having a wonderful week and I’ll see you all tomorrow for Fit Friday!

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Fit Friday: Staying Active On Vacation

Staying active on vacation

With our trip to Europe coming up this fall, I have been thinking a lot about how I am going to manage working out (or not working out, lol) for 2 whole weeks. I have been working out 4-5 times per week and I just don’t know if I can (or want) to go for an entire 2 week span without getting my sweat on at least a little bit. You know that I will be eating terribly the entire time, because let’s be realistic, vacation=dessert and wine…oh and the fact that we will have to eat out for most meals. Eating paleo/whole30-like when eating out is practically impossible so there goes my healthy eating. <sigh>

There's no way you woke up like that tank top

I wracked my brain for a while trying to think of fun ways to stay active while we are abroad and a came up with a few.

1. Jump Rope: I was offered an awesome TKO jump rope in exchange for a review and I thought, this could be the perfect opportunity to have a way to exercise when I go on vacation! I mean, it’s small, and it can be shoved into the small crevices of my bag…I can jump rope down the hall at my hotel, or you know, just in my room. (The people below us are going to LOVE me!) I already knew I was going to bring some work out clothes, because even though I *may* not use them, you don’t have the option to use them if they aren’t there. So, now that I have my clothes coming with me and this jump rope I know I can at least get a little cardio in a few times! I love the one they sent because it fits comfortably in your hands and it is plenty long enough so that you don’t trip over it constantly.

2. Walk everywhere: Even though there are trains and cabs in most big cities, walking around will really help you to stay on track. It’ll also help ensure that you get a great nights sleep every night which is a huge plus for us with the time change!

3. Running: I know not everyone is a runner out there, but what could be more fun that waking up, throwing on your shoes, and taking a little run (or jog) around a new and fun place? You can explore the area you are staying in and who knows, maybe you’ll find a fun, hidden gem!

4. Phone Apps: There are some really great phone apps specifically designed to be used without any sort of equipment. I know there is a deck of cards work out where you do a certain number of crunches, push ups, and other exercises for each type of card. This would be an easy, fast way to get in some ab work. :)

5. Rent your work out: Rent a bike, kayak, or canoe to site-see with. This will all depend on where you are going, but I know bike tours are pretty popular in Europe! Get your heart rate up and have fun while you’re doing it!

Jumping rope is such a great work out to take on vacation

I hope these tips help you out on your journey to be healthy and happy! Like what you read today?! Check out my other fit posts below!

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Packing A Hat For Vacation: The Dilemma

Floppy hat nd zebra shoesIt happens every summer. I am packing to go on vacation and I want to bring a hat. Hats are perfect for vacation because they’re cute, they help hide your lake hair, and they keep the sun off of your face. I’m not a hug baseball cap fan. Don’t get me wrong, I have one and I will wear it, but I prefer floppy hats and fedoras. Unfortunately, these are the hardest types of hats to pack. You have to decide whether you want to pack it and risk it being squished beyond recognition, or you want to look like the fool who wears a fashion hat on the plane. <sigh> On the way to Jamaica, I just wore the thing…and it was SO annoying. When you sit on the plane you have to take it off, so now its just floating around the plane, touching the dirty floor, and getting squished anyways! Let’s just say, I rarely travel with hats anymore and it just makes me sad.
Enter the Pack A Hat from Cappelli Straworld! Not only is it rated UPF 50+, but it is foldable down to a teeny tiny little piece! You can throw it into the cute little matching wristlet it comes with, or you can just put it in your purse! I can literally take it anywhere with me, even with a really small cross body purse which I am known to carry:)
Pack-A-Hat with my floral romper
When I was asked to review the Pack A Hat, I knew I had to because I have talked about my hat packing dilemmas on here before! I had to know if it was worth it and I’m pretty sure I have decided it is! You really can’t beat $25 for a hat that you can pack AND a cute little bag that I have been using for make up when I don’t need it for travel. Now, you must realize that they hat will take on it’s own form when you put it on, it’s not going to stick straight out like a straw floppy hat would, but it goes out enough that it still looked cute on:)
The Pack-A-Hat
The hat comes in 5 different colors and each has a matching bag. Head on over to their site to get yours before your summer vacations! If you buy through my link, you will get free shipping!
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PS: Pack-A-Hat is DEFINITELY on my list of essentials for my next beach trip. Check out all the other items on my beach essentials list below!
Beach Vacation Essentials

Mansfield Dam Park- Austin, TX

Mansfield Dam Park

This past weekend my parents came down from Dallas to visit and we took a little trip out to the Mansfield Dam Park on Lake Travis. It was so pretty, but it is CRAZY how low the lake is! We looked it up and supposedly the water level is down 50-60 feet to what it’s supposed to be! You can see by looking at the dam and the rocks around the lake where the water should be. I’ll definitely be thinking about it all next time I take a super long shower or water my lawn! Even with the low water level, Lake Travis is still a beautiful sight:)Mansfield Dam Park at Lake Travis Lake Travis Park Lake Travis Mansfield Dam Park The Oasis- Lake Travis View from the Oasis, Lake TravisWe also went to the brewery at The Oasis which I talked about a little yesterday. I can’t wait to go back once its a little nicer outside this spring/summer! Did you guys do anything fun this weekend?

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Powder Pink Glitter Headband Anchors and Dots Bow Set Mint Glitter Bow Headband

The Austin Passbook

Austin passbook Downtown

You guys, this is awesome. One of my blogger friends Lee Anne (from Life In ATX) launched the Austin Passbook last week and I am so excited about it! I ordered mine on Monday and already have it in my hands as we speak! This is perfect timing since we have friends coming in to town this weekend and I will be using it nonstop!

Austin passbook picture

What is the Austin Passbook? It’s that awesome little passport-like book you see up there! It is filled with 2 for 1 deals for 40 different food trucks and activities around the Austin area. (For a full list of participants go here.) The Passbook is only $20 and you can buy it here, at The Departure Lounge, or at the Austin Visitor’s Center.

How does it work? Go to the food truck or activity listed, show them your passbook, get it stamped, and enjoy your 2 for 1 deal! I am so excited to get out there an explore this wonderful city! I have lived here for 3 years and cannot believe how many of the awesome food trucks in the Passbook I haven’t been to! I’m also pumped to get BOGO paddle boarding and kayaking!

Austin Passbook

The Austin Passbook is great for all you foodies out there who want to go explore Austin, whether you’re a newbie or not! Get out there and enjoy!

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***I did not get paid to write this article, it’s just something fun that I really think is worth purchasing! I also love supporting my friends:) Though I did not get paid for the article, if you do click on one of the links and purchase the passbook through it, I get a small commission.***